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Tasha vs Christie

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Blood on Beale Street

Tasha Simone vs Christie Ricci


The Tasha/Christie feud has grown to be one of the most vicious in Mid-South history! And, just when it seemed as if their rivalry might have been cooling off a bit, it reignited into an inferno when both women declared themselves the Number One Contender for Nikki Roxx's PGWA Championship.

Clearly, a regular match wasn't going to resolve this. So, Simone challenged Ricci to face her in a hardcore match in Memphis , Tennessee ...anything goes!

This tape begins with brief interview segments with both wrestlers, and neither lacks self-confidence going into that battle. And what a battle this is...! Unlike many hardcore matches, this is not simply an exhibition of brawling; both Christie and Tasha are expert ring tacticians, and they mix their brawling with a dazzling array of technical moves, which inflicts just that much more agony on them both!

It isn't long before the ring can no longer contain their battle, and it spills out into the theater, then into the ladies washroom(!), and finally out onto historic Beale Street itself! Eventually, both warriors work their way back into the ring, battered and bloodied. Throughout the match, they use whatever they can get their hands on... chairs, a crutch, pavement... to brutalize each other, as many months of animosity boil up into sheer fury!

One beauty finally manages to pin the other... barely... but the winner is so beat-up herself, that when she tries to stand up, she collapses back to the mat in a daze. Eventually, both Tasha and Christie are upright, and they then do perhaps the most shocking thing of all... they shake hands!

After the match, the two wrestlers even sit side-by-side to discuss the match and the sport; newfound respect has been forged in blood and pain.

Be warned: This match is NOT for younger or more sensitive viewers, owing to the graphic nature of the violence.

Also, due to technical limitations within the theater, some of the footage when the women are fighting in the crowd is nearly too dark to discern clearly. But this comprises only a small portion of the entire match.

If you want to see two of the toughest women in the South battle it out tooth and nail to a bloody finale, then this is one match you dare not miss!

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Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie

Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie

Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie

Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie

Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie Tasha vs Christie

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