LadySports ::: TAYLOR vs SAKAI!



December 12, 2008

A little less than a month after stunning PGWA fans worldwide by defeating Nikki Roxx for the Championship, Tracy Taylor returns to the scene of her triumph, the SAWmill Arena in Millersville, Tennessee, to prove she will be a fighting champ.

There, she took on the challenge of one of the most frenetic women in the sport, Japanese superstar Sumie Sakai!

And the Asian aerialist certainly brought her 'A-Game' on this night, doing her level best to overwhelm Taylor with a dazzling series of lightning-fast moves and high-flying antics. At times, it seemed the best that the Champ could do was to just figure out where her opponent was at any given moment, considering how Sakai was seemingly like a blur in the ring.

But the Hawaiian is not one to be dominated, and she battled back with her usual expertise. Still, Sumie was doing very well against her, and it began to look as if Tracy might be doomed to suffer the shortest title reign in PGWA history, a mere 28 days (beating out the old record by only two days; Judy Martin had held the belt for 30 days in 1999).

But Sakai got over-enthusiastic, and in her zealousness she grabbed a chair from ringside and tried to bring it into the ring. The referee halted her, and that gave Tracy the precious few moments she needed to gather her wits and formulate a counterattack. The end result was with the Hawaiian having her arm raised in victory.

But there was another surprise in store for the Champion: immediately after the match, while Taylor was being interviewed by SAW commentator Natalie Van Eron, who should come out from backstage but none other than... Josianne! The French Canadian had come to Tennessee from Quebec for the explicit purpose of challenging Tracy for the belt! Taylor agreed, and the PGWA office is currently negotiating with both women to bring them into the ring together as soon as possible!