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PGWA Champ Tracy Taylor vs Su Yung

Millersville, TN

story by Shiai Mata

Tracy Taylor vs Su Yung for the PGWA Championship... TWICE!

Fans who packed the SAWmill in Millersville, Tennessee on May 22nd figured they knew what to expect: PGWA Champ Tracy Taylor defending her belt, by hook or by crook, against feisty Asian sensation Su Yung. Su is a favorite of the Nashville area fans, and Tracy has been reviled since that day last November when she more than bent a few rules to beat Nikki Roxx for the PGWA strap.

But the fans were in for a bit of a surprise. A few surprises, actually.

For one thing, they were not expected Tracy Taylor to be... a rule-abiding 'babyface'? But sure enough, the same woman who had cockily strutted in that very same ring for months, who dismissed the fans as "idiots", who had bent the rules to suit her own greedy purposes in matches against Nikki Roxx, Sumie Sakai, LaLa, Genni Right, Josianne and others, now encouraged the fans to cheer her. More shockingly, she worked hard to earn their cheers by adhering to the letter AND spirit of the rules!

Suffice it to say, Taylor's attitude adjustment was a big surprise. When asked to comment on her 'face turn', she politely declined, saying that she now prefers to let her work in the ring speak for her. But a source close to the champ told us that the boos and jeers from the fans had been greatly bothering her. After all, she had once been one of the most beloved 'good girls' on the indy circuit, and she had long been accustomed to being cheered, and to having fans (particularly children) ask for her autograph. A string of upset loses to a number of rulebreakers left Taylor embittered, however, and she decided last Fall that obeying the rules wasn't going to win her enough matches, so she opted to change her style and start breaking the rules for a change.

Now, however, it would seem as if her time as a heel is over, and she has returned to her good girl ways. Fans are now left to wonder if this change will be a permanent one, or whether the siren song of rulebreaking will lure the Hawaiian back to the dark side?

Amazingly, however, Tracy's actions weren't the only surprise to be found in this match. The fans were equally stunned as Su Yung, one of the brightest young stars of so-called 'Scientific Wrestling', threw that all away and unveiled herself as a newly minted rulebreaker!

The match with Tracy started out civil enough, with the two exchanging a series of impressive holds and moves. But as the contest wore on, Yung seem to grow increasingly impatient, until finally she attacked the Champ with a series of vicious chokes (abetted with some hairpulling), putting Tracy in distinct peril of losing the bout and the belt.

The match was finally declared a double disqualification as the two wrestlers brawled outside the ring and the referee counted them both out.

Afterward, the TV interviewer tried to talk to Su about her rough tactics, but she was too enraged to answer any questions. She angrily assaulted the interviewer while demanding a rematch with Tracy for the title!

A phone call was hastily placed to PGWA Commissioner Susan Green, and she agreed to sanction a rematch for the next SAW show.

Details of both great matches will be posted here at LadySports Online SOON!

In the meantime, both the fans and PGWA officials alike are digesting these unexpected turns of events. Tracy Taylor returning to her rule-abiding ways is to be celebrated, for we think it will make her an even greater Champion than before. But Su Yung now doing whatever it takes to win is a chilling thought, as the Asian commands the skills to seriously injure her foes, and she now seems to lack the conscience to resist her impulses to do real damage.

We intend to follow these career developments closely in the days and months ahead...