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by Shiai Mata

Serena and Trina square off Friday February 24 in Nashville!

One of the undeniable PGWA success stories of 2005 was the debut of Serena, who wrestled not once, but twice at the “Holiday Havoc” live event in Nashville in December. “Success” may seem to be an unusual word to apply to Serena’s performances, as she lost both matches (to Trina and Passion, respectively). But anyone who saw her in action either live, or later on video, can attest to her skills and her zest, and it was obvious that she could very well have won both matches.

With a little more experience, I don’t think it’s any stretch of the imagination to say that Serena will probably begin winning the vast majority of her fights.

Recently, the teenager sat down for a question and answer session with LadySports Online.

Q:    Welcome, Serena. How about starting this off by sharing some of your stats with the fans?

A:    Hi! Well, I’m 5’4” and 130 pounds. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I was born on June 29th of 1986.

Q:    When did you begin wrestling?

A:    Almost one year ago, in Match of 2005.

Q:    Who or what influenced you the most to wrestle?

A:    I fell in love with wrestling when I was 12 years old, and have had the dream of pursuing it since then. My biggest inspiration is Triple H.

Q:    Just what is so special about this sport to you?

A:    Wrestling is the one thing that can make me happy no matter what is happening in my life at that time. It’s given me a dream to chase and so far the chase has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever had the desire to do.

Q:    What other sports do you have an interest in?

A:    Soccer!

Q:    What kinds of foods do you enjoy?

A:    Arabic, Italian and Thai foods.

Q:    How about music?

A:    All kinds of music.

Q:    What would make you most happy in life?

A:    If I know that I have somehow inspired a kid to do better, or chase their dream, or make a positive out of something negative, I will be the happiest I could ever be. Of course, I’d also like to win the WWE Women’s Title. (Laughs)

Q:    What are your fans like?

A:    They’re SMART!

Q:    Could you describe a typical day of training?

A:    Training is three nights a week for three hours. We chain wrestle and beat the hell out of each other for about an hour to work in a good heart rate. We have a lot of matches and do different drills. The moves are irrelevant to me right now…at the present time I am just trying to understand the psychology of wrestling. I work out many days in the gym, too.

Q:    What moves are you best known for in the ring?

A:    I am best known for my speed. I can run with the boys and pass most of them, too.

Q:    What was the worst injury you have suffered in training or a match?

A:    I took a Senton Bomb from a fellow wrestler and didn’t protect myself well. It knocked the wind out of me and stunned my whole mid-section.

Q:    Where have you wrestled?

A:    I started at Ohio Valley Wrestling, and will remain there until the next level arises. And, of course, for the PGWA in Nashville.

Q:    What comments or reaction do you get from others when they learn you’re a wrestler?

A:    Most people laugh or are shocked. A lot of people don’t realize that girls can actually wrestle.

Q:    In your opinion, what are your thoughts on women participating in the sport?

A:    Women’s wrestling is underrated. I think women in the sport are very strong individuals, athletically and mentally/emotionally. I look up to every woman who has ever attempted this. I hope to be in the future wave of great women wrestlers, and accomplish things people never thought women could accomplish.

Q:    What has been your greatest regret.

A:    Don’t have any.

Q:    What is your personal motto?

A:    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

Q:    What is your most memorable moment?

A:    Standing in Madison Square Garden at WrestleMania XX with all of the confetti coming down from the ceiling. It was my senior year of high school.

Q:    What would you do if you couldn’t be in wrestling?

A:    Teach or help kids.

Q:    How would you describe yourself?

A:    I’m independent and mature. I’m very tomboyish and hang with the guys a lot. I like anything physically challenging and dislike unmotivated people. My biggest strength is my bravery to chase my dream and hold nothing back.

Q:    Serena, thank you very much for speaking with us, and good luck in the ring!

A:    Thank you very much!

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