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Queensland to Land of Lincoln


It's about 10,000 miles from Beaudesert in Queensland, Australia and Chicago in the United States. That's an awfully long way to go to pick a fight, but it's a trek which Sara Jay has been waiting to make for a long time.

As one of Australia's most successful wrestlers, Sara certainly has nothing to prove by coming to America. But she isn't one to simply rest on her laurels, and as a competitor, the lure of succeeding in the USA was just too tempting to resist.

So in November of 2009, the lovely Ms. Jay made the long flight to Chicago. It's not her first visit to the hemisphere mind you, as she had a highly successful run earlier in the year down in the Caribbean. But that was merely a warm-up for America.

And speaking of warming up, even though she arrived in the 'Windy City' during a rare warm spell, with temperatures climbing into the Fahrenheit 40s (which is practically tropical for Chicago in November!), for Sara it was quite the climate shock, as she left behind a relatively balmy 38 degrees Celsius (88 F) back in summertime Australia.

While in Chicago, Sara debuted her fast-paced style for American fans in several matches, and also enjoyed the sites of America's 'Second City'. And here's the young lady herself to tell you all about her visit:


My trip itself was great! Everyone had a different accent to me... I loved listening to people talk! And I saw CHIPMUNKS! We don't have those here, so I was madly taking photos of them, and I swear the locals must've thought I was insane!

I enjoyed learning the history of the city and seeing how it was so different to the Gold Coast. All the old buildings, so many with history behind them, and soooooo many buildings everywhere! I took lots of photos of them! Once again, the locals must've thought I was crazy. I also saw Navy Pier.

The food was good and we dined out at some fabulous that's always very important to a female wrestler who is also an avid weight trainer! There also seemed to be so many more people, and it was always buzzing with activity in comparison to my little laid back city on the beach. I found that fascinating, how different the culture was.

I didn't enjoy the cold. I reside on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, so it's warm all year round! Big difference in weather.

I enjoy new experiences such as these, and I'm looking forward to venturing back there next year!


I trained with and worked the UWC promotion as both a wrestler and as Mr. 450's valet. I am now the first official “Vixen” of the UWC women's roster! In my match, I faced a woman named Faith, who really lived up to her nickname of “the Vicious Vixen”, but I still managed to beat her.

I also worked in WAR Wrestling, which was my debut match in Chicago. And I won my match against an opponent named December via my 'X-Factor' finisher.

Interestingly, I also wrestled in a Lucha Libre federation in Chicago, GALLI, which was all-Spanish speaking. I was wrestling a woman named Juliet the Huntress, but our match was interrupted by Noriega, from Puerto Rico's WWC, and he attacked me. Later, he was wrestling against Mr. 450, and I interrupted his match, doing my famous crossbody from the top rope, putting Noriega down and allowing Mr. 450 to win. Noriega learned the hard way that you don't mess with me, because I get my own back! Not too bad for a five foot redhead from Australia, really!

I made many fans with my trip to Puerto Rico earlier this year, and many of those fans followed my ventures to Chicago. I got a HUGE pop every show in every fed I worked, and won the crowd over every time!

The local Chicago wrestlers, the luchadores, the fans and the promoters were all super nice and asked me back. I've kept in touch with many of them since coming back home to Australia. I feel truly grateful to have met so many nice and genuine people.

Did I mention that I was home less than a week before I got my tan back? Ha ha ha ha

Now then, Chicagoans need to hold onto their hats when I return next year, 'cause this green-eyed Aussie will be up to something wild!

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photos courtesy of Sara Jay