LadySports ::: THE RED HOT MAMAS...


by The Red Cardinal

The British wrestling scene has always been hot, but recently, it just erupted into an inferno! The reason why is as simple as it is shocking: after having spent years punishing one another in rings across the UK, in Europe and in the US, two sworn enemies have stunned the sport by forming their own tag team!

And just who are these two incendiary ladies, who have dubbed themselves the Red Hot Mamas? Why, none other than Pippa L’Vinn and Shelby Beach.

We’ll repeat that, in case you think it had to be a typo: PIPPA L'VINN AND SHELBY BEACH!

Just let that sink in for a few moments more.

Fans of LadySports Online know full well the savage rivalry these two Brit beauties have engaged in for almost ten years now. It’s hard to imagine any other feud in the sport today as intense as the Pippa/Shelby war has been. Until now, these two have barely been able to live in the same city of Manchester and remain civil with one another. How in the world did they ever come to be partners?

Naturally, we asked that very question of both women.

Pippa briefly said, "There is an old motto in the UK, and this sums up my thoughts about the Red Hot Mamas and why I teamed up with her: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

And Shelby added, "Separately we were both forces to be reckoned with. But together, we are unbeatable!"

And thus far, Beach’s declaration has proven itself spectacularly correct, as the Red Hot Mama’s remain undefeated in tag team competition. Of course, based upon L’Vinn’s reasoning for teaming up, we can’t help but wonder if the crafty brunette is using this partnership as a means to better observe her blonde nemesis, and discern some fatal chink in her armor which Pippa can exploit later. As cynical as that may sound, keep in mind that Pippa L’Vinn practically wrote the book on sneakiness!

Watch for future coverage of the Red Hot Mama’s here at LadySports!