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By Pippa L'Vinn

Once again this year, British wrestlers Pippa L'Vinn and Sue Scarlett have run in the BUPA Great Manchester Run, a 10K race which drew more than 30,000 participants!

Says Pippa, "We ran together all the way. It was very chilly in the early morning, but then went very warm...much too warm, actually. The atmosphere was very friendly with lots of supporters and bands and music."

But the pair weren't running simply to show off their athletic prowess...they were raising funds for a charity near and dear to the two of them. "We are donating money to the Manchester Dogs Home, which is where I got my dog from," reports L'Vinn. "His name is Ollie, and he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He spends a lot of his time with me at the Wrestling Factory."

And just how did Pippa do? "One hour and one minute. I wanted to do 55 minutes, but it was not to be this time...maybe next time. We did get prize bags with tee-shirts and medals!"

And by the way, Pippa reports that Sue has retired from the sport, but the pair still work out a couple of times a week, so who knows? The ring may not have seen the last of Sue Scarlett just yet...!

Pippa L'Vinn

Pippa L'Vinn