Alpha Female Challenges Pippa LíVinn

by Tom Randolph

For some six years now, the PGWA had been negotiating with Germanyís Alpha Female 
for her to appear in our ring.  These talks were protracted over the course of years 
because, as Alpha put it many times, ďI want to face Pippa LíVinn, but only when 
I am at my peak, and when she is as well.Ē


Several weeks ago, Alpha contacted us and told us that, at long last, she felt 
ready to challenge LíVinn.  Fortuitously, the Brit likewise was of the opinion 
that she is herself at the apex of her abilities, and she relished the 
opportunity to prove herself against the German juggernaut at long last.


For such a long-awaited confrontation, thereís little in the way of the usual
 wrestler hype or posturing between these two.  Instead there is an intensity 
thatís almost palpable, like an electric current.  This battle at the Wrestling Factory 
in Manchester, UK was scheduled for 30 minutes, but honestly, given how ferociously 
these two went at it right from the very start, itís questionable whether they can 
maintain this wild pace for that long.  Or, for that matter, whether either of 
them would be capable of walking out of the ring on their own when itís all over!

Alpha Female is a much larger, more powerful wrestler than most.  She rivals the size 
of Susan Green, Reggie Bennett or other legendary heavyweights.  The physical difference 
in their sizes would have you wondering if Pippa could last five minutes against her!  
Longtime fans will have to think hard to recall any other situation where LíVinn 
wasnít the intimidator!

Of course, whether they love her or hate her, all fans have to agree that Pippa is 
one of the most skilled grapplers in all of Europe.  She pits her speed, agility and 
savvyness against Alphaís raw power and her own formidable grappling skills.  
Both wrestlers were good at countering each hold with one of their own... back and 
forth, again and again.  It was really one of those sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments 
to see what was coming next!

Their arsenal of holds included some very painful arm bars, surfboards and headlocks 
(that had Pippa shrieking "Yer gonna take my head off!"). Here also were serious neck 
cranks, stomps to the back and legs, chokes, low blows, eye rakes, hair pulling, bearhugs, 
legbars, and so much more!  Pippa had to pull out all her moves and illegal tricks to 
survive against her Amazonian opponent! 

This match rages on for some 20 minutes before one warrior has no choice left but to 
submit and be left in utter defeat in the ring.  This match was a sight to see!  

And suffice it to say, the loser does NOT take things well.  Sheís already demanding a 
rematch, which the PGWA hopes to make happen someday soon!