Shelby Scores with Porcine Put-Down!

In spite of the fact that they have begun successfully tag teaming together as the Red Hot Mama's, Shelby Beach and Pippa L'Vinn haven't let a little thing like partnership get in the way of their years-long feud.

That was quite obvious recently when the two faced one another yet again in a singles match held in Kirkby, just outside of Liverpool in the county of Merseyside. It was, as one might expect, an intense contest between the two rivals/partners. The fans were solidly behind Shelby even before Pippa threw the rulebook out and started using every underhanded trick she could get away with.

Ordinarily, L'Vinn ignores the jeers of the fans, but on this night, a young boy seemed to really strike a nerve. From the audience, he called out and declared Pippa to be Peppa Pig.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the reference, Peppa Pig is the star of a very popular children's cartoon show in the United Kingdom.

Realizing that the jibe had seriously irritated her opponent, Shelby wisely kept up the barrage of insults, calling L'Vinn "Peppa Pig" as often as she could, and encouraging the crowd to do likewise. The strategy worked, as Pippa grew so incensed, she was thrown completely off of her game, and grew reckless enough for Beach to nail her with a "Rolling Crutch" schoolgirl pin at the 24:20 mark, much to the delight of the fans.