LadySports ::: Passion vs Trina


USWO Arena Nashville, Tennessee

Friday, September 2, 2005

by Shiai Mata

The Goddess Athena, resplendent in a candy apple red outfit which fits like a second skin, comes down to the ring to properly introduce the woman whom the manager believes will be a key component in her war to take over the PGWA. Passion then enters the ring, wearing a title belt around her waist which, Athena explains, is the Southern Yugoslavian Women’s Championship. She then boasts that her wrestler has defeated 550 opponents, and she invites the next victim to come down to the ring to be number 551.

Newcomer Trina marches out to the ring to the cheers of the fans, who are solidly behind her to defeat Passion and thus make Athena eat her boasts. Trina taunts Passion, calling her a horse (one fan in the crowd loudly editorialized that perhaps the scantily-clad Passion is instead something which sounds a lot like “horse”). Passion angrily replies that she is a thoroughbred, and the two wrestlers are literally nose to nose in a staredown.

The bell sounds, and Passion instantly goes on the offensive, knocking her opponent to the mat. However, Trina springs back, planting the blond on the canvas with a snapmare, followed by a backslide pin which Passion narrowly manages to kick out of at the count of two!

Taking no chances, Passion throws the rulebook out and hammers away at her rival with punches, kicks, slaps, choking and hairpulling. Athena, not surprisingly, gets her licks in by choking the brunette on the ropes while Passion keeps the hapless referee distracted. Trina attempts to rally and turn the match around, including executing an impressive flying headscissors on her foe, but Passion manages to regain control.

Snaring Trina in a full nelson, Passion contemptuously rubs the brunette’s face into the canvas! Trina manages to escape and reverse the situation, rolling up the blond for a two count, but she can’t keep her down for three. Passion seems to have the match all sewn up with a DDT, yet she pulls her opponent’s shoulders up off of the mat before the ref can slap three, so that the blond can cruelly continue punishing her rival.

Amazingly, Trina still battles back, and the two women begin trading punches. For a few moments it looks as if the brunette has a chance to win this one, but Passion then cannily changes tactics, nailing her foe with a powerbomb. Deciding not to risk a sure victory again, this time Passion goes for the cover and gets the win.

And so, Athena masterminds another victory, and perhaps gets one step closer to gaining control of the PGWA Championship and, perhaps ultimately, the entire PGWA itself!

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