"I just like having adventures!"

The history of pro wrestling, of course, is filled with “Indian” wrestlers of both genders. That only a relative few have been actual Native Americans hasn’t slowed the trend down any. However, there is a genuine member of the Oneida Nation who is making her mark in the sport. Fans have dubbed her with various nicknames... The Native Beast, the Wild Rose, the Barbie Breaker, the Warrior Goddess... and as those appellations suggest, she is a force to be reckoned with! But fans may be surprised by just how laid back and easygoing she is away from the squared circle, laughing easily. LadySports is proud to help introduce this impressive young woman to fans worldwide!


Height: 5'8"


Hair: Black

Hometown: Washington D.C.

LADYSPORTS: Welcome to LadySports, Nyla! When did you first get into the sport?

NYLA ROSE: Well, that all depends on what you mean... I've been a fan my whole life, so I'd say I’ve ALWAYS been into it! But I didn't start training ‘til late '07. I "got my foot in the door," as they say, as a photographer.

LadySports: And who trained you?
NR: I trained at KYDApro under John Kermon and Christian York. During my training, and even now, I still attend seminars taught by some of the best in the industry.

LadySports: What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler?
NR: I’m not sure what the BIGGEST was. There were a lot of motivations and influences, but I'd say maybe my love of the sport coupled with my love for entertaining were the constant driving factors.

LadySports: What other sports do you have an interest in?
NR: [Laughing} None, really. When I was in my teens, I was really into aggressive inline skating and gymnastics.

LadySports: How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, and strengths?
NR: Well, outside of the ring I'm just a laid back, down to Earth, goofy girl that just likes having adventures and eating pizza!

LadySports: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler?
NR: Probably my strength, or charisma. I'm a lot stronger than I look. Most of it’s in the legs, for which I blame the martial arts [Laughter]. The charisma thing, I came from the acting world before I wrestled, so I've always been comfortable in front of crowds.

LadySports: Describe a typical day of training for you. What is most important in your workout?
NR: CARDO, CARDIO, CARDIO!!!!! Wrestling is very grueling and can tire you out VERY quickly with its "explosive" actions, so I'm always trying to improve my endurance and stamina. On the other side of things however, I'm always looking to try new things and learn new moves, and just be better all around!

LadySports: How would you best describe your ring style?
NR: I would say power with a little technical. I know that's an odd mix but I can slap a lock on you after slamming you, and you're in TROUBLE!!!

LadySports: What moves are you best known for?
NR: My Powerbombs, Swanton, and Burning Hammer would probably be the most notable. People tend to remember the girl that powerbombs a dude!

LadySports: Have you ever been injured in the ring?
NR: Just a few sprains, strains and the occasional bruise here and there, but so far not seriously…knock on wood!

LadySports: Who have been your toughest opponents?
NR: Kacee Carlisle and Fantasia by far!

LadySports: And who are your allies?
NR: Claudia Solis, Nina Monet, and oddly enough, Amber Rodriguez

LadySports: What has been your most memorable win?
NR: Any time I win a title is especially memorable for me.

LadySports: What was your worst loss?
NR: Any time I lose a title! [Laughter]

LadySports: Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet?
NR: Quite a few names come to mind! But I’d say top of the list is Gail Kim. I feel I would learn so much just from one match with her!

LadySports: What type of match do you enjoy the most?
NR: I love stipulation matches...variety is the spice of life!

LadySports: What is so special about this sport to you?
NR: EVERYTHING! Everything about it is special.

LadySports: Tell us, what are your fans like?
NR: The Animals? [Laughter] They are WILD!!! And I love EACH ONE OF ‘EM!!!

LadySports: If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport?
NR: Have an Indy spotlight segment on some of the big name promotions. With the networks, they could do something like that in a Sportscenter-style show.

LadySports: Where have you wrestled, and what titles have you held?
NR: ALL OVER!! Mainly in the Northeast, but hoping to change that in the upcoming year! KYDApro, WWWA, 304, Covey Pro, UPWA…women’s titles and one half of the Valour Pro Tag Team championship with Rocking Rebel.

LadySports: What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport?

LadySports: What was your most unforgettable moment in the sport?
NR: Ironically it had nothing to do with a match. A mother came up to me at a show in Ohio and said that she loved what I do and what I stand for…that I was such a positive role model for young girls everywhere. That one comment meant more to me than anything I had accomplished to that point...the way that mother felt made it all worth it for me!

LadySports: Any regrets?
NR: That I didn't start sooner!

LadySports: What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling?
NR: Still entertaining, either film or live theatre.

LadySports: If you were only able to wrestle one more match in your career, who would you most like to face?
NR: I'd love a three-on-three tag with Claudia Solis, Amber Rodriguez, Sammi Pandora, Nina Monet, Jessie Belle Smothers and myself with Special Ref Princess Victoria!

LadySports: What is your personal motto?
NR: Live for the Story! And boy, do I have some good ones!

LadySports: What would make you most happy in life?
NR: If people would spread more love instead of hate.

LadySports: Anything else you’d like to add?
NR: YEAH!!! If you guys wanna keep up with me, visit my website LOVE Y’ALL!!!!!