LadySports ::: Nemesis Defends the Belt...


by The Red Cardinal

Within moments of Nemesis upsetting Tracy Taylor and winning the PGWA Championship, Heather Owens was on her cell phone. On the other end was PGWA Commissioner Susan Green.

"I don't care what it takes or where it happens, I want a title match!" the hardcore blonde Owens demanded.

As Nemesis triumphantly headed to the backstage area, she passed Owens, who merely said, "Put a nice polish on that belt for me." Clearly, Heather had neither the slightest doubt she would get her title shot, nor that she would win it.

And thus far, she has been proven to be half-right. Although Owens is new to the PGWA, she is well-established in independent circles, enough to have impressed Green to suggest a title bout to the new Champ. Nemesis consented, and the match was quickly scheduled as part of the IWA/WWA card in Thomasville, North Carolina on Saturday, April the 30th.

Asked what her strategy will be, the challenger merely grinned and said, "I plan on kicking Nemesis in the face many, many times!"

For her rebuttal, 'Big Mama' answered, "I'm the woman who beat Tracy Taylor. I don't expect to have any trouble with Owens."

The PGWA will have details of what will surely prove to be a titanic match soon!