LadySports - PGWA - LLF August 27


Place.- Monterrey N.L. México
Date.- August 27 2004
Company.- LLF (Lucha Libre Femenil)
Text and pics.- Roberto de J Figueroa S

It was a great night for LLF fans! The main event saw of Dark Angel II and Diana la Cazadora victorious over La Bruja and Princesa Sugey in three falls. In the first fall Dark Angel was hit in the head but she used a 'big fly' to take out Sugey while Diana took control over La Bruja. In the second fall the rudas (Bruja and Sugey) were totally in control and took the win when Sugey pinned Dark Angel II.
In the third fall Sugey and La Bruja counted on the help of Polly Star to try to destroy Dark Angel but a referee error allowed Diana and Dark Angel to put shoulders of the 'rudas' down and take the three second count.

In a Bull terrier match Martha Sarapera used her experience to piledrive Luna Magica and touch the four corners to take the win. The ref may have colluded in the win. Luna Magica was injured and had to be carried backstage.

In the third match of the night Intrusa, Felina & Reina Vampira won by DQ over Tigresa del Norte, Novia de Jason & Chacala in three falls. The end of the match was when Intrusa begun to fight against her own partners and finally hitting Felina. The referee Marlon gave the tecnicas the win by DQ. So Intrusa did woin or loss?

Opening the show in a Three Way Dance the experience of Polly Star was lethal in her win over Doncella Guerrera who made her debut in LLF. She is from Cd Madero Tamaulipas. The other luchadora in the match was Luz de Luna.

A great show and the LLF announced Friday September 3 Nikki Roxx vs Arianna! Plus, for the Championship LLF of Monterrey City Diana la Cazadora the champion against La Bruja.

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