"Be as Divalicious as possible!"

Back in the Golden Age of pro wrestling, Minnesota was one of the hotbeds of the sport. However, what it was not generally known for was women's wrestling. That's been changing in recent years, and there's one young lady in particular who has been striving to make her mark in the North Star State and beyond. Don't let her small stature fool you...indeed, it's what helps make her the Little Diva of wrestling!

LadySports Online is proud to introduce Little Diva to wrestling fans worldwide!


Height: 4 feet 11 3/4 inches
Weight: 125 pounds
Hair: Dark blonde
Hometown: Faribault, Minnesota

LADYSPORTS: Welcome, Little Diva! Can you tell us, when did you first get into the sport?
LITTLE DIVA: I got into the sport about ten years ago. I was bored one night, and my brother was watching wrestling. So I figured, why not watch it? The next week, the same thing happened, and I have been hooked ever since!

LS: What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler?
LD: The fact that there are way more male wrestlers out there than women. I wanted to be one of those few women out there that can handle the sport, because there are a lot of women who would never become a wrestler, because it is tough and it is hard on your body.

LS: And who trained you?
LD: My training began and continues with "Rock 'N Roll" Buck Zumhofe (AWA star from the 80's) and his daughter, Heather Marie.

LS: How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, and strengths?
LD: I'm a pretty laid back person. I like to laugh, and have fun. I like traveling, and I love the road for some reason...and I dislike bugs and bees! Very much so, haha. I'd have to say my biggest strengh is my ability to talk, and get along with people very easily. I am definiely a people person.

LS: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler?
LD: Becoming a fan favorite no matter what position I have on the card...i.e. wrestling, reffing, and so on. The fans always take a liking to me!

LS: Describe a typical day of training for you. What is most important in your workout?
LD: I get up, plow my crops, feed my animals, and catch some sun. FarmVille is a real workout!

LS: How would you best describe your ring style?
LD: For the most part I'm a striker and a grappler.

LS: What moves are you best known for?
LD: The stink face, repetitive hip tosses, shoulder thrusts in the corner, a second rope crossbody on occasion, as well as other fun things.

LS: Have you ever been injured in the ring?
LD: Nothing major...strained nerves under my collar bone, a tweaked knee, and a few bloody noses.

LS: Who have been your toughest opponents?
LD: Definitely Miss Ann Brookstone! She is one tough lady.

LS: Who are your allies?
LD: Starla Love (a lady midget), Becky Boo (another lady midget), Erik Lockhart, and all my awesome fans.

LS: What has been your most memorable win?
LD: I once survived a Main Event battle royal, outlasting wrestlers such as seven foot one "Big Rig", former AWA star Buck Zumhofe, and former WWE star Eugene!

LS: What was your worst loss?
LD: When I was eliminated and left a bloddy mess, in a four-way women's elimination cage match.

LS: Have you had any “Why am I still doing this?” moments?
LD: There have been points where wrestling literally every weekend has gotten hard on me, where I wish I could spend more time with friends and family, instead of being on the road.

LS: Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet?
LD: Tara, from TNA.

LS: If you had to retire tomorrow, who's the one person in the world you'd most like to have your final match against?
LD: Erik Lockhart, a trainee of Greg Gagne.

LS: What type of match do you enjoy the most?
LD: I love battle royals. They are awesomeness.

LS: What sort of reactions do you get from people when they learn you are a wrestler?
LD: "You?!? "But you're so small!" Then we start playing twenty questions, basically... haha.

LS: What is so special about this sport to you?
LD: Sending the fans home happy.

LS: What are your fans like?
LD: They are supportive and optomistic, and sometimes over-passionate.

LS: If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport?
LD: I'd demand that more pink and black wrestling rings be put together and used.

LS: What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport?
LD: I think it's great, the more the merrier. Because it's a male-dominated field...and us women need to show them who's boss!

LS: What's the single best piece of advice you've received by a wrestler?
LD: To be over the top; no one remembers calm and collected.

LS: Any regrets?
LD: Not getting into the ring during the week, as much as I need and would like to.

LS: What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling?
LD: I would pursue something business-wise. I plan on doing that anyway though, alongside wrestling.

LS: What is your personal motto?
LD: Always strive to be as "Divalicious" as possible!

LS: What would make you most happy in life?
LD: To win the lottery! Then I could buy my own pink and black wrestling ring. It will happen someday.

LS: Anything else you'd like to add?
LD: I'd like to thank LadySports for allowing me to do this interview, and I'd like to thank my fans, because you are what makes the training and hard work worthwhile!

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photos courtesy of Little Diva