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Not many newcomers are instantly memorable. It often takes many months... and sometimes even years... to achieve that distinction.

But Isis is not your ordinary newcomer. At first sight, it's instantly obvious that this is a woman like no other in the sport. And why is that?

Isis is 6'10" tall.

Let us spell that out for you: She is SIX FEET, TEN INCHES tall.

Without a doubt, there's no overlooking her when she walks down to the ring!

But here's what really makes Isis memorable: Irregardless of her height... indeed, almost in spite of it... she is an impressively skilled wrestler.

In the history of wrestling giants, the norm is for them to rely primarily upon their raw strength to win matches. And at a fit 240 pounds, 21 year old Isis most definitely has the power to take on virtually anyone. But mere brute force doesn't interest her. She considers herself to be a true athlete, and as such she has trained and studied and disciplined herself. She knows her craft, and she knows how to fight an opponent with skill and strategy.

Of course, she can also employ one mean, ring-shuddered choke slam when the need arises!

Isis works hard, and she plays rough. When she is determined to have something, she lets nothing stand in her way. It's no coincidence that she is namesake to the most powerful and dominant entity in Egyptian mythology, for this Isis , like the goddess, is a veritable force of nature.

And now the mighty Isis is making her debut in the PGWA... and she's starting at the very top. She has challenged the PGWA Champion, Tracy Taylor, to a title match, and the two will meet on Friday, May 29 in Winston-Salem , North Carolina . The sanctioned match will be held under the aegis of the NWA Carolinas promotion.

It's safe to say that there's really no one else quite like the mighty Isis in the sport of professional wrestling. And in anticipation of her title match against Tracy Taylor for the PGWA belt, LadySports Online is proud to help introduce this amazing woman to fans worldwide!


Name: Isis

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 240 lbs

Hair: Brunette, Blonde

Hometown: Miami , Florida

LADYSPORTS: Welcome, Isis! When did you first get into the sport?
ISIS: I began in June of 2008.

LS: Who trained you?
I: Soulman Alex G.

LS: What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler?
I: Chyna was by far my greatest influence.

LS: What other sports do you have an interest in?
I: None at the moment... I'm devoting myself exclusively to wrestling.

LS: How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, and strengths?
I: I am a realistic believer... I don't get my hopes too high, I just live the best that I can, using the tools I have learned along the way. I have a pretty positive outlook and know my talents and how I can use them in everyday life. I dislike those that disrespect, and I adore those that work hard and have an honest personality. I hate fake people.

LS: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler?
I: Being a tall, strong, dominant force.

LS: Describe a typical day of training for you. What is most important in your workout?
I: I practice typically for three to four hours every day. My day includes forty-five minutes to an hour of moderate cardio, and about three hours of wrestling practice. During practice, I do a drill until I get it correct and my trainer says I can move on to the next drill. When learning leg drops, I must have done at least sixty in a row. The next day I had a huge bruise on my left butt cheek!
The most important part of practice is listening. The second you stop listening is the very moment you stop learning. To me there is no limit.

LS: How would you best describe your ring style?
I: Strong and tall. Bigger than life.

LS: What moves are you best known for?
I: Choke Slam, Big Boot, Clotheslines, etcetera.

LS: Have you ever been injured in the ring?
I: No.

LS: Who have been your toughest opponents?
I: Tracy Taylor, first and foremost.

LS: Who are your allies?
I: I haven't had any need for allies yet.

LS: What has been your most memorable win?
I: My first match ever, because it was my first match ever and I was nervous about messing up!

LS: What was your worst loss?
I: I haven't had one. All of my losses have made sense psychologically, and I have learned from them.

LS: Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet?
I: Chyna. I'd love to prove myself against the woman who inspired me.

LS: What type of match do you enjoy the most?
I: The kind that Tracy Taylor and I have... both of us giving our all and holding nothing back.

LS: What sort of reactions do you get from people when they learn you are a wrestler?
I: "Wow, I would hate to be your opponent... man, you must crush them!!!!"

LS: What is so special about this sport to you?
I: The ability to be someone different and yet still be myself.

LS: What are your fans like?
I: Different people of all ages, shapes, and walks of life.

LS: If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport?
I: Bring back Old School wrestling.

LS: Where have you wrestled, and what titles have you held?
I: I've worked around the U.S. and a few other places as well. No titles yet... but that will change once I get Taylor in the ring for the PGWA crown!

LS: What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport?
I: I think it's great and they should give the women more of a push.

LS: What was your most unforgettable moment in the sport?
I: Every time I get to a new level it feels like I'm back at square one. All that's ever left is working harder.

LS: Any regrets?
I: In wrestling? No.

LS: What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling?
I: I'm not sure... probably would be nowhere. I love wrestling!

LS: What is your personal motto?
I: Being a fatal attraction takes all the glory out of demolition.

LS: What would make you most happy in life?
I: To be proud of myself.

LS: Anything else you'd like to add?
I: I'd just like to thank you very much for this opportunity to introduce myself to the fans.

photos courtesy of Isis