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"Lights, Camera, Bash 'Em"

Isabella Smothers vs The Weedman

ICP and Juggalo Championship Wrestling

By Brad McFarlin

Scheduled for this event was Bull Pain vs Weedman... but Isabella had something else in mind.  

Steaming from tension between the two alleged lovers, Isabella thought proving herself to 
her new beau would ease the stress and strain on what she claims to be a "relationship".  

Isabella, after sending Bull Pain to the locker room, took on Weedman (a pain in their 
sides and a character beloved by all of the JCW fans).  

A hard-fought battle ensued but in the end, the victor was declared to be Weedman after a 
devastating Finley Roll off of the top rope!  

Tensions still seem to rise afterwards, as the ongoing confrontations between Bull Pain and 
Isabella Smothers seem to only be getting worse.

photos by:  Brad McFarlin for