LadySports ::: Faith and her Battle with Skarlett


Faith and her Battle with Skarlett

And in this's something unique for LadySports fans:
British battler Faith provides the commentary to her heated battle with
Judging by the intensity of this brawl, we're certain we haven't heard the
last of these two young ladies!

1. In the BAWA, Skarlett and I never really had a problem with each other...
we kept out of each other's ways and dealt with our business accordingly.
However at the recent 'Masters Of War' card, Skarlett started running her
mouth on how she was the most powerful women in BAWA, that she was the
one to end Chrissy V, and I soon decided to take action....

2. I knew what Skarlett had done to Chrissy V in my absence at BAWA,
so I knew what this girl was capable of and had to pull out my A-Game...
and needless to say a quick Handspring Elbow definitely put me on
the right track....

3. Quickly Followed by my infamous corner combo, bronco buster, dropkick....

4. Here was when I really thought I had the match in the bag with a
Boston Crab. I wasn't counting on Skarlett's minion, Adam Darkmore,
another member of the Brethren faction, to try and interfere, leading
to me breaking the hold to try and take him out of the picture....

5. Skarlett used this to her I am sure they had
probably planned... and the fight broke to the outside. She insisted on
driving my head off the barriers, then off of the ring apron...

6. She tried to go for the corner post but I quickly realised and
managed to get my foot up in time, so that I could send her head
into the post instead...

7. Needless to say she didn't like that too much!

8. Back in the ring it was back and forth for a while. Once she cornered
me out of desperation, I changed the momentum to my favour with a sunset flip...

9. But Skarlett kicked out, and again with the back and forth. Here I had
already ducked two of her clotheslines and then decided to try and take her out
with one of my own...she thought third time lucky, and a double down was the result...

10. Another one of my signature moves, "The Innocence"...a turnbuckle handstand
headscissors takedown.nThis time I could feel that this was going to be the end...


11 A & B. I turned around for a second, calling for the finish, "The Benediction"
(an inverted split–legdrop bulldog into a split–legged pin), but as I turned back,
Skarlett was gone and once again I was greeted by Darkmore, this time with a kick to
the gut followed with a front choke DDT. I was out. After this, I didn't know what
was going on until I saw these photos....

12. So when I came to, I was wondering how the hell Skarlett and Darkmore got away
with it, then I was emailed this particular photo...

13. And just to add insult to injury, or I suppose so the ref wouldn't get too
suspicious how all of a sudden I was unconscious, she did this... but if she thinks
she's driven me from BAWA, she'll learn soon enough just how wrong she is!