by Chloe Cummings

    I got a big laugh out of Ashley Wildcat showing up for our Southern Belles 
match in her cute little Batgirl onesie.  Actually, I was a bit insulted that 
the girl seemed to have thought it was a cosplay convention, not a wrestling match.  
And then I got angry as she started talking about how this was going to be 
"playtime" for her!  I didn't travel all that way just for fun and games...
I take my wrestling seriously, even if little Miss Ashley apparently doesn't.  
I guess when you're an internet pin-up "star" like her, you don't really 
have to know how to actually wrestle, do you?

    This was my third match for the Southern Belles, and I must be honest, 
I lost my first two.  It wasn't through lack of trying, you can be sure about 
that!  I fought hard, and did well, but at the end of the day those first 
two times, the other girls just plain out-wrestled me.  Now, there's no 'three 
strikes and you're out' rule with the Belles, but personally, my pride 
couldn't handle a third straight loss. And it just kills me to think that 
I'm letting my fans down.  So, I came into this match determined to win, 
no matter what.  I swore to myself that I would push harder than ever before.  
I trained extensively in the weeks leading up to the match, and when I 
stepped onto that mat, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I was 
in the best condition of my life.

    Facing off against Ashley, I knew instantly that my greater height 
and size gave me a powerful advantage.  What's more, I firmly believe that 
my legs are among the strongest in all of wrestling, and if I could wrap 
them around her, I could do some real damage.  Staring at me from across 
the ring, she must have realized what a challenge I would be.  I could see 
the exact moment in her eyes when she realized this wasn't going to be 
"playtime", and that she had a real fight on her hands!

    I'm going to give credit where credit is due:  Ashley isn't just a pretty 
face; she's also an incredible wrestler.  She's not only tremendously fast and 
agile, but she's surprisingly strong, and her endurance is downright superhuman.  
She should have worn a Supergirl costume!  I fought her with everything I had, 
but she took it and dished it right back at me!  I often dominate my opponents, 
but this time I found this smaller girl dominating me!

    As we fought, we both started to get a bit desperate, and even exchanged 
some low blows.  She hurt me, but I definitely hurt her right back.  Hey, fair 
is fair!

    I'm not going to spoil the end, but I will say that I fought as hard as 
I ever had, and Ashley fought just as hard.  Fans are not going to be disappointed 
by the intensity in this fight!  And I promise you, you haven't seen 
the last of me in the Southern Belles!