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There was a time, not all that many years ago, when the name "Team Blondage" was synonymous with Success in women's professional wrestling. The team called an end to their partnership on a definite high note, with Krissy Vaine heading into the WWE.

Now, with Krissy back on the indy circuit along with Amber O'Neal, they are at last answering the single most-asked question they've heard for months now: "When is Team Blondage getting back together?" The answer is "NOW", and both Krissy and Amber have made the time to speak with LadySports Online about their reunion!

LADYSPORTS: Ladies, it's a pleasure to welcome Team Blondage to LadySports! Let's get right to the question on the minds of a lot of people: You were one of the great tag teams of the last decade, but after having split up for several years, a lot of people are wondering if you can recapture your greatness. They say you can't reheat a soufflé... so can Team Blondage be as good, or better, than it was before?
AMBER O'NEAL: One of the many qualities Krissy and I have is creativeness. We are going to be very relaxed this time and fans will see who we really are. We're having so much fun, and we invite our fans on this journey so they will definitely be happier this go-round! Plus... our fire NEVER went out!
KRISSY VAINE: Did the greatness ever leave? Team Blondage will always be the originals... often imitated, never duplicated, and in business for ourselves. I assure you that we are back and better than ever! Our already-bombarded schedule speaks for itself. The people will never tire of Team Blondage.

LS: What were the circumstances that brought you back together? After all, you're both incredibly successful as singles wrestlers. Why the desire to re-team?
AO: Because it was the most fun either of us had in our whole wrestling careers, and we love life right now and we wanna share out love for wrestling and a great friendship with our fans. Welcome to Team Blondage 2.0!
KV: I have been around the world and back, and have never had so much fun as the days I spent with Amber on the road. We entertain each other, if no one else! We decided to make one more go of it. We think people wanna see it.

LS: And what has the fan reaction to your reunion been like?
AO: Amazing! We never knew we had so many fans, and we are so grateful! Makes us glad we decided to do this even more.
KV: Yeah, amazing by the fans and wrestlers alike!

LS: A number of prominent tag teams have arisen in women's wrestling of late. Are there any in particular who you intend to target?
AO: The Beautiful People.
KV: I removed targets off my back when I asked for my release from the WWE...I'm just here to have fun!

LS: A few years back, the two of you had some tension between yourselves, and you settled it with a GrudgeMatch for the PGWA. How is your relationship now... have you learned to overcome the inevitable tensions?
AO: No tension here at all, so don't even try it!
KV: We are like sisters. I think if one makes the other mad, we just squash it right there. When you have known each other as long as Amber and I have, you drop the catty BS. We just tell each other like it is.

LS: That question asked and answered, let me follow up with... which one of you is the better wrestler? LOL
KV: We each bring something different to the team and the table. That is why we compliment each other so well. Neither brings more than the other.
AO: No, it's a friendly competition between me and Krissy... that's why our friendship has been as strong as it has been for so many years.

LS: Where will the fans be able to see you in action soon?
AO: This Saturday, February the 21st in Cheraw, South Carolina at Cheraw High School. It's our first match as Team Blondage 2.0... a new era in women's pro wrestling, and the entertainment industry in general! We're taking over!
AO: We're facing the ever-so-popular and talented [Editor's note: Can you feel the sarcasm dripping from her words?] "Scream Queens", Daffney and MsChif. We can't wait!
KV: Plus, Ric Flair is even stopping by to see Team Blondage in action! WHOOOOOOO
KV: Do you know what ‘Whoop Whoop' means, kids?

LS: Amber, Krissy... it's exciting to have Team Blondage back in business, and a privilege to have you here at LadySports to speak with us. Thank you, and good luck to you both!
AO: I want to thank you, LadySports, for having us... thank you sooooo much! Stay in touch!
KV: Thank yoooooouuuuuuuu!

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