PGWA Star Survives Horrific Crash

As PGWA fans now know, Sarah Lynn was involved in a serious accident on January the 3rd, 2009. Here is her own account:

"What happened was, my best friend Aaron and I were going to the 'Y' to work out. Well, we were not two miles away from our house when he lost control of the car..we think we hit a patch of black ice...and we just started fishtailing and sliding, and the next thing I knew we were flipping! We flipped two or three times, then flipped over a cliff!

We landed on the roof of the car, and my head was actually smashed in the door. I couldn't move because of my head being stuck. But Aaron got out of his seat belt, and together we had to pull my head out of the door, which is how I got all of the injuries on my face.

Then we both looked at each other and realized we were alive, but that we couldn't get out of the car. But finally, after kicking and pushing, we found a hole in the windshield that we could BARELY fit through. So we got out and had to run a little ways to get back to the road where people could see us, and after getting passed up by a couple people, someone finally stopped and took us home...although all he was worried about was me getting blood on the seat! But by the grace of God, we both made it out alive. I could have swore we should have been dead.

And thanks to people like you and all of my other friends and family, I will recover soon and comfortably with much APPRECIATED support!"

From the very first time we worked with her, the PGWA was impressed with the style, speed and athletic ability of Sarah Lynn. And for this to happen at her young age is very unfortunate. She'll recover and be back to wrestling before you know it, but until then, she's out of work, out of school, and out of wrestling for a while. Obviously, she can greatly use whatever assistance fans may generously contribute.

Sarah has never given her fans anything less than 100% in the ring, all in the interest of giving them a night they won't forget. Now, she needs the help of those fans. Whatever amount you can send would be helpful to her at this time. And even if all you can send is a card or letter of support, that would be most encouraging to her now.

So we're calling on PGWA fans... some of the most generous people we know... to step up and lend a hand to this young woman! Donations and cards may be sent to:

Sarah Lynn, 
PO Box 32, Helen, 
West Virginia, USA