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Most Promising Wrestler 2006

For a full decade... 1994 through 2003... the Professional Girl Wrestling Association bestowed its Rookie of the Year Award to young newcomers whom the organization believed had not only proven themselves, but who had the potential to be important figures in the sport in years to come. Sometimes, that proved true; one need only mention Joanie (Chyna) Lee Lauer, Amber (Holly) O’Neal and Christie Ricci for proof of that. Other times, the worthy recipients didn’t remain in the sport long enough to fulfill expectations. And in a few instances, the designees are still working hard in the business, but still looking to make their big break.

Ultimately, however, the PGWA decided to move beyond the Rookie of the Year Award. In 2004, we “test drove” a new category... Most Promising Wrestler. The fan response to that was encouraging, but for various reasons, the organization opted not to continue with any awards for the next few years.

But now, with 2007 marking the PGWA’s 15th Anniversary, it seems only fitting to resurrect the Most Promising Wrestling Award. And what’s more, as a way of thanking the fans for their support over the years, we’re inviting each and every one of you to have a voice in just who wins this award!

In conjunction with our friends at, we are running a poll, in which 7 very worthy women are competing to be named as the Most Promising Wrestler of 2006. And that poll will be decided by YOUR votes.

Each of these ladies have more than proven themselves in the ring over the course of the last 12 months, and they have demonstrated a marked ability to grow as athletes. We believe that 2007 holds great things in store for each of them. And for one of them, that will include earning this honor.

Our candidates are:

  • The Baroness Simone
  • Diana la Cazadora
  • Sara del Rey
  • Jennidee
  • Josie
  • Susan Morton
  • Roxi
You’ll be learning more about each of these wrestlers in the days to come at, and we hope that the details to be provided will aid you in making the best-informed choice possible as to which of these ladies you will be voting for.

Looking over the list of names, we think you’ll see just why we’ve dubbed them the “Magnificent Seven!”

Profiles of each of the wrestlers will begin to air at daily beginning Tuesday, January 2nd, so that fans may learn more about each of them. Then, the poll itself will launch on Tuesday, January 9th.

Thank you again for your support of quality women’s pro wrestling, and we look forward to crowning the winner of this poll soon!

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