Powerhouse Explosion


You have NEVER seen this much raw power in the same ring at once! Six of the most devastating women in all of wrestling...Leilani Kai, Susan Green, Peggy Lee Leather, Desiree Petersen, Riptide, and in her American PGWA debut, Awesome Anne...collide in a Six Woman Tag Brawl that has to be seen to be believed!

No high-flying moves to be found here, no aerial acrobatics...just pure strength, backed by long years of experience and more than a few old feuds to settle. The "bad girls" team of Kai, Leather and Anne frequently control the match, wisely double and triple-teaming their opponents. Further hampering the "good girls" is mounting tension between teammates Riptide and Petersen. The battle rages from pillar to post, until it all comes to a head with an unexpected betrayal!

If your definition of wrestling includes powerful women unleashing their full fury on each other, than this is your defining match! 
It's no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most devastating Grudge Matches ever!
(Due to extreme violence, this tape is not recommended for younger or more sensitive viewers.) 

This tapes contains the 6 girl tag match, and two grudgematches...and runs for an hour and ten minutes. Internet special for this tape is $50. + $4. for postage order your copy today. Order from Special Events, PO Box 453, Wilkesboro, NC 28697 or order on-line at LadySports.com

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