Another Texas Challenge

Catt Fanelli vs. LeiLaniKai

Catt is the hotshot young talent from the Lone Star State who travels East to challenge one of the very best in the sport, the veteran Leilani!  In her opening remarks, it's obvious that Fanelli is anxiously nervous about facing the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, but she isn't about to back down.  For her part, LeiLaniseems wary of this newcomer, as if she senses that the Texan will be a tougher challenge than most rookies.  Uncharacteristically, Kai refuses to be interviewed, and orders the match to begin immediately.

Once the action begins, both women pull out all of the stops!  Few professionals in the ring today can equal LeiLaniKai in experience and savvy, but Fanelli is an almost-perfect blend of strength, agility and speed, with plenty of intensity to back it up, and she really takes the fight to the veteran!  As the battle wages on, the Hawaiian begins to focus her attack on her opponent's legs, trying to force her submission...and maybe cripple Catt in the bargain...with a series of devastating holds.  But time and again, the youngster refuses to submit to the pain, and she turns the tide!  And LeiLani quickly learns just how punishing a headlock can be when Fanelli turns that seemingly harmless hold into a brutal act of torture, one which has the legend howling in agony!

When all is said and done, both wrestlers are exhausted, each barely able to stand on their own two feet.  And Kai pays her Texas foe the highest compliment when she breathlessly says, "And I thought Susan Green was tough...!"

And you'll be astonished at just how tough both of these women are in this slam-bang match!

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