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Do I need broadband?

Yes! The videos are 100 megs and more in size. Please do not purchase one if you have dialup internet access.

What format are the videos in?

Windows Media 9 (WMV9). 95% of people have Windows based computers so this assures maximum compatibility. Please be sure to download the latest version of Media Player 9 from MicroSoft. It is free and available for XP, ME, 98 and Mac. The resolution of most is 320 x 240. Some are 640 x 480.

How long are the videos?

The same length as the original tapes. Each video's page notes the length and file size.

How long will it take to download?

It mostly depends on your connection, the size of the video and internet traffic. Many can be downloaded in under 20 minutes. But much depends on you and your ISP.

What's the cost?

It varies. Our first video is a 10 minute match so it's just 10.95. Most videos are 30 minutes and more in duration and are priced at 24.95. The newest videos may be slightly higher priced when they come online. Prices are all clearly marked.

I see a video I want... how do I get the download?

  • click the buy button on the appropriate page.
  • fill in the credit card info.
  • select a username/password after the card transaction completes.
  • use the link on that page or return to video's own page and use the link.
  • we give you 7 days to complete your download.
  • if you have a problem... relax! email us... we're here to help!

How long before I get access to the video I bought?

Unlike some sites who mail you a password and only at certain times, access to your LadySports PGWA video is immediate! You pick the username and password so you have access right away.

Will this work with WebTV?

No. We can only recommend getting a computer. However, if you have the newer MSNTV with a highspeed conection they will likely work fine.

What about AOL?

Sure. No problem. But you do need broadband.

You haven't answered my question...

Email the webmaster at there's no such thing as a stupid question!

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