:: FF-22 ::

  :: "Stressed Out Competition" ::

   :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva ::

  The Women in Black clear the air!

  This is a blind challenge for Pippa L'Vinn, who promises to beat her unknown opponent 
  and send her back to the locker room in tears.  Just then Eva steps out, and this 
  becomes a match between two tag team partners!
  They have fun taunting one another before the match begins, but once the action 
  starts, they're all business.  And as the match progresses, tension seems to mount
  between the partners.  Frustrations they've managed to suppress in the past rise to
  the surface, and this turns into as ferocious a battle as either have ever waged!
  The action is non-stop as both Eva and Pippa give their all to pin the other, with 
  multiple near-falls throughout.  The ring can barely contain the tumult...and indeed,
  they use the ring itself as a weapon!  Both battlers unleash everything they have on
  one another, including some new tricks, like Eva's hurricanrana, which sends Pippa 
  for a loop!  And, not surprisingly, there are some low blows and dirty tricks by 
  these two she-devils!
  The end comes suddenly, and quite shockingly for the loser.  As the triumphant 
  winner departs, she reminds her partner, "There are no friends in the wrestling 
  You'll be proud to add this stunning match to your collection!

   21 minutes! | MP4 | 1.72 GB | 1920x1080 |

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