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"Trinity's Knock Out"    Oct 6, 2014

"Texas Ain't Big Enough..."    Sept 21, 2014

"Trinity's Triumph"    Sept 14, 2014

"Bruised & Shaken Bodies"    Aug 21, 2014

"Lean & Mean Duo"    July 29, 2014

"West Coast Curves"    June 24, 2014

Pippa L'Vinn vs Debbie Sharp    June 6, 2014

Mickie Knuckles vs Mary Kelly    May 29, 2014

Lucky O'Shea vs Amarie    May 22, 2014

Pippa L'Vinn vs Nadia Sapphire    May 14, 2014

Pippa vs Lisa vs Viper    May 5, 2014

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Zip vs Dixie Ricci vs Rain Simone vs Yung Roxx vs Taylor Stephie vs XTC Sarah Lynn vs Scarlett Rose Tracy Taylor vs Sumie Sakai 6 Woman Tag Pure Hatred Josianne vs Su Yung Christie vs Amber Angel Dust vs Mia Martinez Lucy vs Simone Roxi vs April Pippa vs Roxi Pippa vs April Josianne's Journey Punishing Pain Shelby's Revenge Pippa L'Vinn vs Amber Holly Wrath of Pippa Tracy vs Isis Nikki vs Sara Misteriosa vs Mistica Shelby vs Minx Genni vs Christie Genni vs Josianne Dixie vs Sarah Sullivan Shelby vs Simone JenniDee vs Skye Roxi vs Minx Roxi vs Donna Hatred vs Monroe Pippa vs Lucy Tracy Taylor vs Su Yung Tag Team Shelby vs Simone Shelby vs Pippa Shelby vs April Erica vs Nikki Erica vs Morgan Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs April TagTeam Nikki vs Morgan Tasha vs Rachel Sparx vs Ricci Sparx vs Persephone Christie vs Persephone Tasha vs Rachel Tag Team Turmoil Tasha vs Su Josianne vs Pippa Jenny vs Pippa Rule Breakers Amanda vs Sin-D Tracy vs Christie Tag Team Sin-D vs Nemesis Angel Dust vs Amanda Ruffen Luna vs Riptide Rachel vs Camron Hecate vs Jessie Belle Christie Ricci vs Tiffany Roxx Tracy vs Tasha Hailey vs Angelica Hailey vs Bombon Hailey vs Perla Negra Invasion of Hatred Jana vs Marti Belle DeBella vs Mary Kelly Brittany Force vs Nemesis Mickie Knuckles vs Miss Rachel Christie Ricci vs Riptide Tracey Taylor vs Jazz Christie Ricci vs Shelby Beach Taylor vs Diamond Nemesis vs Elisha Miss Rachel vs Hecate Miss Rachel vs Nemesis Miss Rachel vs Misty James Tracy Taylor vs Veronica Fairchild Fire vs Persephone Tracy Taylor vs La La Amanda vs Rachel Jillette vs Beach Summer Rain vs Victoria Rose Tracy Taylor vs Pandora DeBella vs Misty Heat DeBella vs Taylor Ricci vs Diamond Knuckles vs James Jessie Belle vs Sin-D Amanda Ruffen vs Abriella the Amazon Heather Owens vs Miss Rachel Nemesis vs Tracy Taylor Nemesis vs Heather Owens Tracy Taylor vs DeBella Pippa L'Vinn vs Gail Jillette LeiLani vs Strawberry Trinity vs Yyan Nakano Lucky O'Shea vs Trinity Big Money Loser Tracy Taylor vs Georgia Mae Miss Rachel vs Camron Star Collins vs Fyfe Miss Rachel vs Fantasy Amber O'Neal vs Trinity Kacee Carlisle vs Misty James Kacee Carlisle vs Amy Love Amber O'Neal vs Jenny Jannetty L'Vinn/Beach vs Davids/Sjodin O'Shea vs Jezebella Miss Rachel vs Abriella Heather Owens vs Lil Naughty Nemesis vs Burgandi Nemesis vs Miss Rachel Nemesis vs Amy Love Nemesis vs Burgandi Nemesis vs Burgandi Mickie Knuckles vs Miss Rachel Abriella vs Taryn Shay Nemesis vs Lady JoJo Kacee vs Jenny Nemesis vs Rachel Jessie Belle vs Aleida Ortiz Pippa & San Antonio Rose vs Shelby & Victoria Rose Nemesis vs Heather Owens Persephone vs Shelby Beach Debbie Combs vs Robbie Rage york vs vision Bambi vs Lady X Christie Ricci vs Persephone Kacee Carlisle vs Jenny Jannetty Nemesis vs Santana G Miss Rachel vs Jessie Belle Smothers Crystal Carmichael vs Maria Montana Tag Team Persephone vs Fire Nemesis vs Sin-D Rachel vs Kowgirl Kissey Mia vs Alexis Lady JoJo vs Miss Rachel Vanessa harding vs Trinity Pippa vs Jordan Battle Royale! Nikki Storm vs Lisa Fury Josianne vs Shelby Beach Gail Jillette vs Nikki Storm April Davids vs Kirsty Love vs Fiona Fraser Lucky O'Shea vs Jennifer Thomas 3 Way Double Team Pippa vs Vyper Lexie vs Holly Nikki vs Pippa O'Shea vs Snow Harding vs Trinity Nikki Storm vs Pippa L'Vinn Rhonda Singh vs San Antonio Rose Pippa L'Vinn vs Fiona Fraser Brandi Collins vs Strawberry Fields Pro-Am Challenge Candi Divine vs Lady Macbeth Jordynne Grace vs Mary Kelly Shelby vs Sarah Nikki Storm vs Gail Jillette Pillar to Post Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa Fury Pippa L'Vinn vs Katey Harvey Jordynne Grace vs Heidi Lovelace Leilani vs Nemesis Shelby Beach vs Katey Harvey Mary Kelly vs Khloe Pippa vs Lisa vs Viper Pippa L'Vinn vs Nadia Sapphire Lucky O'Shea vs Amarie Mickie Knuckles vs Mary Kelly Pippa L'Vinn vs Debbie Sharp West Coast Curves Katey Harvey vs Lisa Fury Pippa L'Vinn vs Shelby Beach Trinity vs Jezabel Athena vs Claudia del Solis Trinty vs New York Knockout

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