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Following the events of their recent tag team battle (FF16), Pippa L'Vinn
challenges Lila, with the veteran intent on breaking the young phenom.

This is a battle of skills as the two women deftly punish one another,
particularly with arm and leg holds. Of course, Pippa isn't reluctant
to introduce some roughhouse tactics to the match, and few wrestlers in
the world today can use the ropes so effectively as an offensive weapon
as L'Vinn does, as Lila discovers to her agonized regret!

Finally having enough of this, Lila gives Pippa a taste of her own
medicine with the likes of brutal boot stomps and nail rakes!

This battle goes down to the wire, with one woman just narrowly
scoring the pinfall over her opponent. But both Lila and Pippa
left the ring nursing aches and pains from this one!

17 minutes! | MP4 | 1920x1080 |

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