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  :: "Only One Shall Win" ::

   :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Dominita ::

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Following her ring-shaking debut against Supa Nova (#673), Dominita returns to the PGWA
ring, and she's set her sights on none other than Pippa L'Vinn!

And Pippa swiftly discovers, much to her regret, that her opponent's size and sheer raw power
make her a force that fully lives up to her name, as the newcomer dominates L'Vinn for minute
after minute.

But Pippa is too wily a veteran to go down without a fight. Knowing she can't match Dominita
in strength, she relies on her cunning...and more than a few questionable moves...to chop her
rival down to size.

It's fair to say that this is probably the toughest battle either woman has fought in quite
some time, and the action is unpredictable right down to the very last moment!

   18 minutes! | MP4 | 1920x1080 |

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