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From the very start of their partnership, the self-proclaimed "Spoiled Brats"...
Mila Naniki (who now, of course, is best known by her real name, Salina de la
Renta) and Aria Blake... have had each other's backs. Through thick and thin
they've supported one another against any and all challenges. But now they
are at each other's throat!

When asked what caused this split, Mila simply said she has some "issues" she
wants to resolve with Aria. Speculation as to what those issues are runs
rampant in locker rooms as well as among fans. Some theorize that one Brat
may simply be sick and tired of the bossy attitude of her partner. But
others believe it's the result of jealousy

A confidential source who is close to both women assures LadySports that
this is only a brief bump in the road for the Brats. "I've seen this before,"
the source said. "The more successful a team gets, the more little things start
to build up until they become big things. And they're usually ridiculous issues.
But those two are as close as sisters, and you know what they one fights
rougher than family.

Believe me, they just need to tear each other up in the ring, and that'll work
outthe problem for them."

Acting on that advice, the PGWA has offered to book Aria and Mila against one
another in a 'GrudgeMatch', and the two Brats jumped at the chance. The match
is now here!

Whether this will indeed clear up the poisoned air between them, or if we are
witnessing the angry end of the Spoiled Brats, time will soon tell!

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