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This is the classic match that years later, fans in Mexico are still talking about!

Two of the very best at that time, American Angel (a.k.a. Sara Del Rey) and Japan's
Ayako Hamada meet in this GrudgeMatch, and when it's finally over, there will only
be ONE who is best!

This opens with the two wary combatants testing one another with submission holds.
Eventually, they fully realize just how good the other is, and each makes the
decision to unleash everything they have...including rule-breaking hairpulling
and vicious their bids to conquer the other!

There is deep competitive respect between them, but both women know that the key
to their future success in the sport hinges on proving herself better than they
other, and they hold nothing back as tempers flare. The advantage swings back
and forth wildly between them, until one battler suddenly seizes the upper hand,
and snares her rival in a crippling submission hold that forces the victim to
humble herself by verbally submitting!

After the match, we are treated to a rare and exclusive translated interview
with Ayako Hamada!

Fans of U.S., Mexican, Japanese wrestling...heck, just outstanding women's
wrestling in general...will not want to miss this one!

| 41 minutes! | MP4 | 1920x1080 (Upgraded from origional 640x480) |

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